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PET Film

  • PET Film
PET Film

PET Film

  • ·Good surface smoothness and brightness
  • ·Good physical processing and barrier properties
  • ·Good tear-resistant and puncture-resistant characteristics
  • ·Good durability and dimensional stability

PET film is often an excellent choice for more demanding applications in food and nonfood-film applications.PET film has higher tensile strength, excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption, and good retention of physical properties over a fairly wide temperature range. It also has superior UV resistance, excellent electrical properties, good optical clarity, high gloss, and good gas barrier but only moderate moisture barrier properties. It is the ideal film for quality printing and lamination and a good choice for a high performance plastic films and sheets.

·PET Film for printing grade

·PET Film for lamination grade

·PET Film for metalizing grade

·Tape base film

·Hot stamping base film

·Card protecting base film

·Gold wire film

·Release base film

·PET metallized film

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